Email Marketing Services
Email marketing services for local businesses involves sending a carefully crafted email each month to encourage repeat visits and sales for your business.

It’s been proven over the decades that emails are the #1 easiest and fastest way to get REPEAT business.

Email Gets MORE Customers Walking Through Your Doors Again and Again.

Email INCREASES Brand Recognition & Loyalty.

Email DECREASES Advertising Costs.

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Yet, many local businesses fall victim to the 3 Common Mistakes of the old-style newsletter format and therefore see poor results.

Mistake #1: Only Sending out Promotions One of the quickest ways to mess up your email marketing strategy is to only send out an email when you have a promotion. It may sound counterintuitive because people love getting great deals (especially from businesses that are local to them), but this happens a lot. When the only thing you email out is promotion, people actually get bored with that.

Mistake #2: Writing Boring Content This should be a no-brainer but we’ve found that a lot of business owners mess this up because they just get too busy and the process of writing great content for their monthly emails just becomes a task to get it completed because they know they should. This usually results in the content of the email being bad and the folks reading it to not want to ever open up an email from that business again.

Mistake #3: Too Many Different Topics
The thought was to put something and anything that might get the client’s attention so they would open and read the email. People now want concise information about a single topical issue that is important to them, that is easy to read, and about helping the Reader… not about educating them about your business.¬†¬†The secret to creating an email that will actually bring people through the front door is to create something around a single topic that is seasonal and teaches. This brands you as the local expert in your field.

Our new and unique writing style stops these mistakes from happening!

Our email marketing strategy is extensively researched & written to this newer standard and thus achieves a higher open rate and a greater engagement ratio. Each month we write to a different target demographic of your client base instead of throwing everything at everyone trying to get something to stick somewhere in a single newsletter style email. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

In addition, we can also post the email article as a blog post on your website or blog, if you have one (or we can create one for you). This further cements your position as the local authority and expert in your field which in turn drives even more leads from high net-worth individuals.

Imagine getting anywhere from 20-50 additional folks calling you and walking through your front doors to spend money on your services.

Our email marketing strategy nurtures your leads into new repeat sales because:

  • It is not the old-style boring newsletter format that doesn’t work as well anymore.
  • The email provides something that is topical to the season and the local area.
  • It has actionable information.
  • It’s about helping the Reader… (not about selling them like most standard emails do)
  • The “Call to Action” at the end is topical without being pushy.
  • This method actually results in more repeat service visits.

When you build out content like this, people will open it and immediately have a “good feeling” about the person (you) who sent it.

This leads to them wanting to come back in and do business with you again and again.

Everyone Loves Repeat Business!

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