Most small local business owners spend too much time on social media but not using social media to promote their business.

These business owners go days or even weeks without a single post on their business social media accounts.

If you are not posting content on your business social profiles, it costs you foot traffic to your storefront and even visits on your business website. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How To Create Social Media Content For Your Business

woman with hands on face in frustration over how to create social media contentThis article covers the secret to quickly creating high-converting social media content. You will learn how to use social media the right way to increase traffic, grow your email list and get more customers.

Creating content for social media generates high levels of anxiety for most local business owners.

The idea of sitting down to create social media content completely overwhelms them. A study revealed that it takes a local business owner roughly three hours every single week to create social media content. That is a ton of time you do not have!

Quick question – Are you like other small business owners and take around three hours to create social media content for the week?

If it does, here is something new you can try – give yourself a shorter deadline.

Here’s what has been scientifically proven – we will take as much time as we are given to complete a task. Say for example you give yourselves three days to complete a task, it’s going to take us three days to do it. If we give ourselves one hour to complete that exact same task, we’re, going to get it done in an hour, so shorten those deadlines.

So how much time should you spend creating social media content each week?

laptop with timer next to appointment bookWell, that depends on where you are now in your social marketing strategy.

Don’t try to immediately reduce your time from 3 hours a week to 15 minutes a week. Instead, if it’s taking you 3 hours a week to create social media content, why not try cutting that time in half.

So, maybe you can try to get it down to 90 minutes a week. When you’re at 90 minutes a week, try to take it down to 45 minutes a week. When you give yourself that strict boundary, you’re going to get creative and make it happen.

If that last tip didn’t scare you, this next tip will. Start creating your blog and social media content at the same time. Crazy advice, huh? Here’s the deal, if you are creating your blog content separately from your social media content, you’re virtually doubling your workload.

Social Media Blues For Local Business Owners

It is not uncommon to take two weeks to write one blog post for experienced bloggers. Imagine the time a local business owner needs to commit. Time better working in their business.

Most local business owners don’t have a social media plan in place, and those that do can spend multiple hours a week to plan out their plan.

If you have no system in place, it is like pulling teeth to write something, as you can probably imagine.

Many local businesses go weeks and sometimes even months without publishing a single piece of content. This causes a major loss of potential new customers and revenue.

As a local business owner, do you feel trapped and not knowing what to do?

Game-Changing Social Media Content Creation System

If you are in this position, you have three options:

  1. Hire someone (costly)
  2. Outsource and use professional content writers (best option)
  3. Do it yourself. (major time suck for you)

Let’s skip option #1
You are a small local business and hiring someone to write social media content is a big spend.

Option #2
We like it because that is what we do. Yes, it is a blatant self-promotion pitch. We have three social media content writing services plans starting at $150 per month, $195 per month, and $350 per month.

Option #3
Start to repurpose relevant content from your website. Pull content from each blog post and repurpose it into posts for your Facebook and Instagram business profiles. Not only will this practice save you time, but it’s going to allow you to serve your audience better.

What if you don’t know what to post on your blog or what to publish on Facebook. Many local business owners become completely lost when it comes to developing content for social media.

The problem is you are an expert in your field!

How is that a problem? You have so much value to give you don’t know where to start. Sometimes the more you know about a specific topic, the harder it is to create content around it.

You find yourself saying, “How do I know what to write?”

If that is where you are at, start listening to your audience. The truth is you don’t get to decide what to write about. Your audience decides that for you. Everything you create on your blog and social media should be designed to solve a specific problem that your audience suffers from.

This tip alone is going to save you a ton of time. It takes all the guesswork out of content creation. Research what your audience is searching for and then create content to give them answers. If you don’t create content that your audience wants, they’re not going to follow you.

Yes, that is kind of harsh, but it is 100% true.

Let’s recap. If you do not want to outsource your social media content and you have the time to do it yourself, you can create social media content if you give yourself a short deadline.

If you want to do it yourself, the key is to create your core content and your social media content at the same time.

Social Media Traffic Plan

If you want to create your own social media content, you will need to know where to post and when to post that content.

We created a free social media traffic plan to help guide you.

This traffic plan will give you a clear path to follow and reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed.


We are social media content writers for local businesses. We research, write, and schedule content for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, and more.


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