Find yourself with no social media presence? Not happy with how your business presence looks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram?

Social media is a challenge, and you are not alone. Many businesses of all sizes overlook the importance of having an active presence on social media.

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It is not too late to get started building your social media presence. Even if your business has been around for decades, create a Facebook business page and get started.

How To Fix No Social Media Presence

Starting a social media strategy is not hard. You can undertake to build a social media presence for your local business yourself or outsource it to a social media content creator. Start with these five tasks:

1. Sharpen Your Strategy

Posting content alone will not provide you the results you desire. Yes, content is required but not just any content.

It would help if you also had a strategy and some realistic goals.

Start by considering the following questions:

  • Which social media platforms are you active on?
  • Which social media platforms are relevant to your business goals?
  • Which social media platforms are providing the most traffic and conversions?
  • Which social media platforms are underperforming?
  • What kind of content are you most effective at creating?
  • What kind of content will most effectively accomplish our social media goals?

Only after considering your answers to these questions can you understand your next steps.

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Not all social media platforms work for every business type. Facebook is universal, but Twitter and LinkedIn are not. They focus more on the business-to-business type engagement. Instagram focuses on consumer activity.

When pursuing your social media presence goals, do not be afraid to change which ones you emphasize based on results.

2. Optimize Current Accounts

No matter which of the major social media platforms you decide to use, make sure you optimize them.

Optimizing them means filling out all the information about your business hours, location, services, products, etc.

The images on your business social profiles are important. They must be clear, reflect your brand, and relevant.

Content is equally important. Good copy that is relevant and NOT selling all the time makes the difference between engagement or no engagement. Use hashtags and a call to action.

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This call to action can be your website URL, phone number, or it can be more involved, like signing up for a free report, coupons, or a newsletter.

Always make sure your call-to-action links are working properly!

Social Media Optimization is NOT a one and done. You must have an active profile and presence if you want to create trust with your readers.

3. Identify Clear Goals

What are your goals for your social media presence?

Are those goals realistic? By that, we mean do you expect to start being active on social media and immediately expect likes, followers, and new customers?

That is an unrealistic goal. You can achieve it by doing paid advertising on social media platforms. But, if you want likes, followers, and new sales from just posting memes and images organically, you will not achieve your goal.

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Social media content takes time to become trusted by your viewers. You first must build your viewer base.

You can measure your content post engagement by monitoring the activity. Things like time of day and what day of the week your social media content is getting impressions (views), and the demographics of the people liking the content.

Again, you measure progress over time. Building an audience is faster if you are an established business as you already have customers.

Set a goal of how many of your current and past customers begin to like and follow your social media profile. P.S. You will have to invite them to follow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles.

Once you build an audience, you can then set a goal on how many likes, shares, and clicks you get on your social media content.

The point is to have a clear understanding of what your ultimate goal is. If you do not know what it is, you cannot know what you should be doing in your content marketing plan. When you aim for something, it’s easier to do the tasks related to that aim.

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Create a Schedule

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Make sure to add content at least two or three times a week. It is better to have content created and posted daily.

Holiday posts and content refective of the different seasons further engage your social media follower. Engagement means they will see your occasional promotional messages and take the action you desire.

Having software to help you automatically schedule your social media content is extremely efficient. You can schedule an entire month of social media content (posts, images, memes) in an hour.

There are free software options like HootSuite, but the scheduling issue requires creating content be created. That is where most small and local business owners struggle.

What to post on social media is the #1 problem small and local business owners face. The next issue is how to create 30-days of fresh content and do that each and every month.

Having a social media schedule seems like a mild issue compared to social media content creation. It would be best if you had a social media content plan.

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A Social Media Presence Just Got Hard Didn’t It?

That is where we can help. Check out our social media content creator services.

Scheduling your social media content also requires learning when your ideal prospect and customer are online.

  1. What day and time of day do they check Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
  2. Are they on different social platforms on different days and times?

Use Video

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Video marketing is essentially YouTube, Vimeo, and the new kid on the block – Rumble.

Small and local businesses get nervous about being live on video. It is a common shyness that we all have. No one likes to see themselves on video or hear their own voice.

There are video creation tools like Powtoon and Vidnami which can help. People like videos, and you will get more social engagement. The trick is to have fun and deliver information in a non-sales manner while still having a call to action on the video.

The other problem with video is that people tend to be perfectionists. Unless they are happy, they will not publish the video. It does not and should not look like it was professionally created. That will work to your disadvantage.

People prefer honest and “real” video conversations about you, your employees, and your business. Most social platforms have a live option. You can simply use your phone or webcam and broadcast.

Don’t overthink it; do it!

Get Started

Imperfection is better than procrastination. Having no social media presence for your small or local business is worse than having an imperfect presence.

Let us help you.

It is not expensive to have an effective social media presence with good social media content. Plans start at just $150 per month.

You need a social media presence if you want your business to thrive and survive in this digital age. If you are cheap, you will have to do it all yourself, or you can trade your time for a few dollars each day and have it done right.


We are social media content writers for local businesses. We research, write, and schedule content for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, and more.


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