How to generate quality leads without having to hold open houses, suffer through low-quality Zillow & Trulia leads, or cold-call your brains out

For years agents have been shuffling around the same leads only to end up like the hamster spinning on his/her wheel.

In other words, they work their butt off to get one valid lead.  Little did they know that the same lead will show up in 10 other agents’ inboxes. And, most are PAYING for these recycled leads.

Don’t believe me? Look at these reviews about leads from Zillow…

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The point here is this. All the online real estate leads that are being generated are just NOT CONVERTING.  In fact, the current national average for converting internet generated real estate leads into clients is somewhere around 30 to 1.

It’s simple to understand why many agents turn to purchasing leads from lead vendors like Zillow, Trulia, Yet, if you read Peggy’s review above, you pay a hefty price!

But, price aside, the main problem that agents have grown to live with is that a majority of the leads they are generating in this new era of internet  marketing are not even close to being ready to buy.

Studies show that the average window from when a real estate home buyer first goes online to search for houses to when they are ready to view homes is 6 months!  Not hopeless, but unless you have an automated sales funnel in place it takes a lot of hard work following up on each lead until they are ready to act.

If We Showed You A New Way To Find Buyers Ready To Buy Right Now…

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We’ve discovered and tested a new method that came online on June 18, 2018.

This new method is now able to analyze the search habits of consumers to determine that they are very close to being ready to buy NOW.

This new method isn’t Facebook ads, though they do work if you have an automated sales funnel.

In order to be effective – to generate leads at a profit, and to dominate a market – you have to go where the ready-to-act leads are.

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